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Selection Guide

Golden uses only high quality imported yarns in its range of carpets, which are woven with incorporated, computerized weaving technology. These imported yarns are not dyed and are pigmented. In case of pigmented yarn, the colour of the yarn does not fade as the Basic Raw Material is of that colour (Pigmented), whereas in the case of dyed yarns, the colour is dyed over a basic white yarn which tends to fade due to usage. Our carpets are Fire retardant, Moth free, washable and most importantly Anti-static. These features result in providing you with negligible maintenance problems. At Golden, we have the most sophisticated finishing line which includes an advance Back-coating line which makes the carpet Fire retardant and moth free and a Carpets Shearing Line, which makes the pile height even and gives the carpet a beautiful look and long life.

Carpet Technical Specifications

S No. Type of Carpet Pile Weight Total Carpet Weight
1. Room Carpets 1100 gms 2300 gms
2. Corridor Carpets 1200 gms 2400 gms
3. Banquet Carpets 1250 gms 2450 gms