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About us

Golden Carpets Ltd. was set up in the year 1994 with state of art-looms to manufacture 100% woven carpets. The types of carpets produced are Wall to Wall and Area Rugs. With huge experience which specializes in customized designing based on client needs, Golden carpets has captured a big market share in the country. Golden carpets is known for its high quality and great customer satisfaction.

Golden carpets Ltd with technical collaboration with Michel Van de Wiele NV from Belgium has transformed the woven carpet industry with the revolutionary CRM looms. The high quality infrastructure does not end with the CRM looms but continues with the most modern finishing line- the result -a uniform pile height with high quality back coating for the carpet.


  • Provide complete solutions for carpet needs of Hotels, Multiplexes, Corporate Offices with wall to wall carpets that are tailor made (as per customer’s choice) to serve the purpose of the venue.
  • Provide high quality area rugs with a huge design gallery to choose from. Area rugs are perfect for lightning up the interiors of any household or office space.

Management Team

Mr. Srikrishna Naik - Managing Director


Golden carpets is one of the only high quality heat set polypropylene carpet manufacturing company in Asia Pacific. The plant is supported with state of the art CRM looms with technical collaboration from Belgium. The looms have have electronic jacquard with incorporated weaving technology.

In this kind of incorporated weaving technology there is no floating pile at the back of the carpet which gives strength and longer life to the carpet with a clear Back Finish, unlike the other carpets, where the back has a floating pile and the carpet is without strength. We have computerized designing system, which enables us to produce any design of your choice with immense speed.

Custom Designs:

With designs based on client suggestions and needs, golden carpets is one of the only companies in India that provides carpets with customized designs to best help fulfill the needs of our customers.

Our Quality:

At golden carpets, we believe that only through exceptional quality can we truly deliver unique and one of a kind products to our clients.


Over a decade of experience and collaboration with Belgium expertise, golden carpets has gone from strength to strength to become a leader in carpet manufacturing. With carpets for large scale needs for hospitality sector to small scale area rugs for household interiors, our business is always expanding its horizons.